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Sync Sensor Issues

Beeper Test

Sync Sensor and Magnet Setup If you are having trouble getting the beeper test to respond correctly:

  • Check that the cable is firmly seated at both ends.
  • Check that the sensor is mounted with the tapered end toward the magnet.
  • Check that the magnet comes within 1.5 mm of the sensor.

Stability Test

If the beeper test succeeds, but the stability test fails:

  • Check that the magnet is at the correct distance with the drive door closed. Sometimes the spindle has some vertical play, so if you set it up with the drive upside down, then when you flip it over, the magnet can move away from the sensor. With the door closed, the spring pressure will maintain the final distance.1)
  • Use the `Diagnostics` speed test to see if the magnet is being read consistently. If the speed is sometimes very low or very high, the magnet may be too small or it may have been damaged when it was cut. Try a new magnet. (Sometimes the magnet loses some of its strength, causing the speed test to read low. Other times it turns into, essentially, two magnets causing the speed test to read double.2))
  • If you are using a USB hub, try connecting the Applesauce directly to the computer. Poor quality hubs can introduce delay that causes the stability test to fail.