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Power Tap

A Power Tap can be used to create your own custom power cables for use with Applesauce.

Power Tap Assembly

Maximum Load: +5V 1.5A / +12V 1.5A / -12V 100mA / 1.5A Total

Assembly Instructions

  1. The 20-pin connector should be soldered to the PCB with the key on the side opposite of the writing, on the side with the little key graphic.
  2. The Power Tap fits wires up to 18ga and has built-in strain relief. Feed the wire upwards through the strain relief and then strip the wires, feed through the soldering holes and solder in place.
  3. Pull the excess wire back through the strain relief until it is taut.
  4. If you need more assembly instructions than this, you probably shouldn’t be trying to attempt this.

Obtaining Parts

The Power Tap kit is available from the Applesauce FDC Store for $3.