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Welcome to the Applesauce FDC Wiki!

Applesauce is a project targeting retro computing enthusiasts and digital archivists who need to work with floppy disks. It combines the most capable and full-featured disk analysis software available along with powerful hardware, and packages it up into a product that it easy to use for even non-technical folks.

Here you can find a wide range of information related to both the Applesauce hardware and software as well as disk imaging in general. For example, how to setup and use your Applesauce hardware and software, specifications for various drives and how to connect and use them with Applesauce, supported platforms and disk image formats, and much more.

If you are new to Applesauce or disk imaging, check out the About Applesauce page, our FAQ or the Getting Started guide.

The Applesauce hardware and software is constantly evolving, adding new platform and format support and other features with the support of a growing community of users. If you need help and can't find it here, or would like to contribute to the project yourself, feel free to join the Applesauce Discord.