Micro Technology Unlimited MTU-130 / MTU-140



Applesauce Support

Disk Types

Reading and writing the following MTU-130 / MTU-140 disk types is supported:

MTU-130 / MTU-140
8“ Single Sided (512 KB)
8” Double Sided (1024 KB)

File Systems

File System support for the following MTU-130 / MTU-140 operating systems is available:

MTU-130 / MTU-140

Disk Image Formats

The following disk image formats are supported.

MTU-130 / MTU-140


General Information


Drive Information


The MTU-130 / MTU-140 supported up to four 8” single or double sided, double density floppy drives using a standard Shugart compatible connection. Disks were 77 tracks of 26 sectors and 256 bytes per sector.