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Making Deluxe Case Panels

In November of 2022, a set of Deluxe Case Panels was released that can be retrofitted into your revision 2+ Applesauce units that have the 34-pin PC Drive connector,

The original case panels were made from acrylic which some people found to be on the fragile side. So a new set of panels was designed using PCB FR-4 material which is very robust. When using PCB manufacturing techniques, it was also possible to add silkscreen printing to the panels which makes them much more readable as well as making the Applesauce look much more professional.

The panels are available for sale on the Applesauce website, but the designs have also been made available so that you can manufacture your own panels. This can be a great option for people who live in a location where shipping can be quite expensive.

Front Panel Gerbers
Rear Panel Gerbers

When ordering, these are the options that are used:

Base Material: FR-4
Layers: 1
PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
PCB Color: Black (feel free to select other colors if you wish)
Silkscreen: White
Copper Weight: 1oz
Surface Finish: Lead-Free HASL (rear panel) and ENIG (front panel, for gold Applesauce logo)
Flying Probe Test: No Test
Remove Order Number: Yes