Heathkit / Zenith


Heathkit released all sorts of electronic kits including early microcomputers, the H8, H89 and H11. The H8 and H89 were Z-80 based systems which supported Heathkit's own operating system HDOS as well as CP/M. The H11 was a DEC LSI-11 based system. In 1979 Zenith bought Heath and renamed the computer division Zenith Data Systems and released the Z-89 as a preassembled H89. Eventually Heathkit/Zenith released the dual Intel 8085/8088 based Z-100 which ran both CP/M and their OEM version of MS-DOS known as Z-DOS.

Applesauce Support

Disk Types

Reading and writing the following Heathkit / Zenith disk types is supported:

Heathkit / Zenith
5.25“ 100K (H-17)
5.25” 200K (H-17)

File Systems

File System support for the following Heathkit / Zenith operating systems is available:

Heathkit / Zenith

Disk Image Formats

The following disk image formats are supported.

Heathkit / Zenith
H17Disk 2.0


General Information

Drive Information


There were several different drives and formats supported, both hard and soft sector ranging from single sided 40 track up to double sided 80 track disks with 10 sectors per track. 40 track drives stored 100 kB when uses on the hard sector controller and 200 kB when used on the soft sector controller. Double sided 80 track drives were soft sector and stored 800 kB.


The Z-47 supported dual standard IBM 3740 formatted floppy drives for 1.2 MB each.