Apple II / III


The Apple II was a 6502 based microcomputer first released in 1977 by Apple Computer, now know as just Apple. Various models were released over the life of the line which spanned over 16 years, ending when the IIe card for the Macintosh was discontinued in late 1993. The line was able to successfully make the transition from the 8-bit world to the 16-bit with the release of the Apple IIgs in 1986.

The Apple III, also based on the 6502, was a microcomputer aimed at the business market released by Apple Computer in 1980. The Apple III never recovered from the bad reputation it developed due to some serious issues in the beginning. Most were resolved over time but by then it was too late and the system, in both the original model and the later Apple III+ were discontinued by 1985.

Applesauce Support

Disk Types

Reading and writing the following Apple II/III disk types is supported:

Apple II Apple III
5.25“ 113K (13-sector)
5.25” 140K (16-sector)
3.5“ 800K
5.25” 140K (16-sector)

File Systems

File System support for the following Apple II/III operating systems is available:

Apple II Apple III
DOS 3.2 (13-sector)
DOS 3.3 (16-sector)
Apple Pascal
Apple CP/M

Applesauce will be able to verify directories and files in these disks as good or bad. In addition you can export individual files. Exported files can be saved in raw data format or converted to modern text formats.

Disk Image Formats

The following disk image formats are supported. Note that some have Read-Only support, thus you can read the image format but not write it.

Apple II Apple III
EDD- read-only
NIB- read-only
N35- read-only
5.25“ Drives 3.5” Drives
Apple Disk II (A2M0003) Apple SuperDrive (G7287)
Apple 5.25 Drive (A9M0104) Apple 3.5 Drive (A9M0106)

General Information

Drive Information


Useful for image verification.

Windows Mac Linux
AppleWin (II) Virtual II (II)
Kegs (IIgs)
GSplus (IIgs)
Epple-II (II)
microM8 (II)