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Epson SD-700

⚠️ This drive is frequently packaged as an SD-880 with a SD-800 3.5“ floppy piggybacked on top. In this case, you must physically disconnect the 3.5” flex cable before using it with the Applesauce!


Capacity Formatted: HD 1.2 MiB; DD 700 KiB
Unformatted: HD 1.6 MiB; DD 1.0 MiB
Height 41.5 mm
Width 148 mm
Depth 192 mm
Weight 1.1 kg
Disk size 5.25“
Heads 2
Surfaces 2
Tracks/Surface 80
Track density 96 tpi (tracks/in)
Dit density HD: 9870 bpi; DD: 5922 bpi
Record method MFM
Rotation rate HD: 360 rpm; DD: 300 rpm
Shock rating not specified
Vibration not specified
Seek time 3 ms
Settle time 15 ms
Motor start time 500 ms
Data transfer HD: 500 Kib/s; DD: 300 Kib/s
Power +5 V, +12 V
Power dissipation not specified
MTBF not specified
MTTR not specified

(Specifications come from SD800.PDF, originally downloaded as SD800.TXT at

Jumper Settings

There are two jumpers that are of interest, marked in areas SS1 and SS2. SS1 determines which of the two drives will be seen as “A” drive. SS2 Jumper L controls the Logic of the 5.25” drive's motor, flipping whether low or high logic puts the drive into Double-Density mode or High-Density mode, which the documentation refers to as NORM and HIGH modes, respectively. SS2 Jumper D controls the 5.25“ motor speed when in NORM mode. This jumper comes factory-configured to be 360RPM, but Applesauce expects the lower 300RPM for DD disks and the higher 360RPM for HD disks.

SS1 Don't care 5.25” Drive letter select
SS2 R-D No Jumper unknown
L-H H LOW is Norm; HIGH is High
D-S D Speed is 300 RPM in Norm
3-2 No Jumper unknown
1-0 No Jumper unknown

This is a known-working configuration with Applesauce.